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Update March 2008

Elizabeth Morgan and Helen Disney have temporarily taken positions as Development Practitioners in the AusAid funded Law and Justice Sector Program with Cardno ACIL in Papua New Guinea.

Their work in Australia has been suspended for 2008-2009 except for one project which is managed on a day to day basis by colleagues in Canberra. They have closed their Canberra office and are not currently available for Australia based projects. They are however available for advice and input on past projects, projects which involve collaboration and/or integration; Indigenous program and policy development; NGO governance, organisational development, and policy; social policy; human services; welfare reform; mental health; therapeutic jurisprudence in domestic violence and diversion programs; restorative justice; family violence; and program development.

They have maintained their email addresses and can be reached as follows:

They can also be reached on these numbers:

Some of their work can be accessed via this website or the following websites:

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